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Our skin changes as we age, and smile lines, sagging skin, volume loss are all common issues that come with it. Fillers can help you fight these early aging signs by lifting the skin and enhancing volume.

The end result is a younger, more refreshed look without lines, scars, or wrinkles! Fight these signs of aging by plumping and lifting the skin. 






You will meet with your skin care provider to review the risk and benefits of your Filler treatment. We also ask that you:

-Avoid any hair removal procedures (waxing, tweezing, laser hair removal) at least 2 days prior to your Filler treatment. 

-If you have any history of cold sores, it is important to let your provider know prior to your treatment. 

-We may be asked to stop or hold your blood thinning medications prior to your treatment.





In the span of roughly 30 to 45 minutes, our injectors will perform treatment in a variety of different areas on the skin. This includes the lips and other areas of midface, and jawline. 


Our injectors will start by marking the appropriate injection spots, cleaning them, and applying a numbing agent or local anesthetic. Once that’s complete the actual injection takes only a few minutes! 

A major benefit of fillers is how long they last! Depending on location and the type of filler you use, patients can experience results that last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years! You might experience noticeable skin improvements immediately after, but the full effects will be even more noticeable within the span of a few weeks.

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